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About CVCM

CVCM was founded in 2006 with a mission to erase the idea of the “audience” member.  As with many words, audience derives from the Latin audientia which is a form of the verb “to hear.” In this century of streaming media you can hear any piece of music at anytime from the comfort of your home stereo. When you attend any of our concerts you become an “experience” member, not only hearing great music but also connecting to the live performances through close contact with the performers. Each concert is designed to be intimate and dynamic in atmosphere, bringing a complete musical experience to everyone.  We are more than an organization; we are an ideology. It is based on the belief that “art” exists in the dynamic between audience and performers; an exchange of energy that is palpable when the barriers between those two groups have disintegrated. CVCM wants you not only to hear great music, but to experience it through an intimate performance environment.