Cedar Valley Chamber Music Festival 2018

2018 Season Tickets

Interest in the field of archaeology received a Hollywood boost by the Indiana Jones franchise of films. Much of that had to do with the action/adventure part of it, but there was equally Dr. Jones’s scholarly professor with his character’s encyclopedic knowledge of mythology, dead languages, and ritual customs. While Hollywood does play a role in the 2018 season, the bigger theme is how “classical” music is really living archaeology. Just like Indiana Jones, there is an action/adventure aspect to watching live performances by professional artists (their technical acrobatics), but behind that is also the concept of “scholarship in the moment” that brings a forgotten period, its languages and customs into the present. 

Over the course of the week you will become acquainted with a handful of lesser-known (or completely forgotten) composers from the past. Alongside them will be more familiar names (e.g. Mendelssohn, Schubert, Mahler) but featuring works on the periphery of their oeuvre. 

Notwithstanding the fun theme this season, the comparisons with Indiana Jones won’t go too far—no performing by candlelight or on original manuscripts made from dilapidated parchment. This festival is simply dedicated to the adventure of bringing music that exists on the periphery of music history into the spotlight.                      

Please use this form below to get your season tickets. Note that entry to all concerts for students is free to all concerts just by presenting a valid student i.d. at the door!

 I look forward to seeing you as we embark on another season of great music!

 – Hunter Capoccioni

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