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CVCM Presents: The MidBass Trio

Sunday, May 9, 5:00pm on

The Midbass Trio is a group of three friends who bonded both over their love for the double bass and their roots in the Midwest. This has been a special program to put together. One of the last time each of these artists performed live was together in a pickup orchestra accompanying an Eagles reunion tour concert in Houston (March 2020). In many ways, this program marks a return to seeing each other in person and making music in over a year. We are very excited to bring you this unique program of trios for three double basses (also known as the king of instruments!)

-Hunter Capoccioni


Sonata in G Major (1795) James Hook (1746-1827) arr. Carolyn White Buckley (1994)

Seven Sonorities (1982) John Walton (b. 1947)

Double Bass Trio No. 1 (2008) Boguslaw Furtok (b. 1967)