Culture Builds Community

August 21, 7:30pm: Hammer+Bow

After a brief postponement we being you a live-stream concert with a diverse group of composers who are writing chamber music for today’s world. They are often both performers and composers who write for others and themselves. They also represent divergent backgrounds in terms of race, gender, and geography. Violinist Tara Lynn Ramsey (Cedar Falls native) joins forces with percussionist Kyle Flens to introduce us to exciting contemporary duo repertoire by these handful of North American composers. Each work shows how today’s composers are reacting to the world around them, mixing their cultural background with modern techniques to reflect their thoughts and feelings on contemporary culture.


Andy Akiho: Karakurenai (2007)

Shawn E. Okpebholo: Distance (2016)

Gabriela Ortiz: Atlas Pumas (1995)

Robert Honstein: An Economy of Means (2016)

Sheridan Seyfried: Blues Train (2015)

Tune at 7:30pm CST on our live-streaming page